About Bailey

Tell us the basics (name, age, location):
My name is Bailey Gillreath-Brown. My husband and I BOTH hyphenated our last names, a decision that has proven to be endlessly confusing for people, but it’s totally worth it for me.

I’m 28, and I currently live in Pullman, WA,  Previously, I lived in Denton, TX and Nashville, TN. I move around a bit.

Who you share your home with:
I share my life with my adorable, archaeologist husband, Andrew. He’ll be in grad school for the foreseeable future.

A bit about your abode:
Right now, I live in a small house built in the 1930s. It has corner windows in every room, wood floors, original hardware on the doors, and plenty of quirks. Having moved from the hot and humid south, this is the first place I’ve lived that doesn’t have air conditioning!

How you spend your days:
At this stage in my life, I work part time as a library outreach specialist, which basically means I travel around doing Storytimes, and I help run library programs. I’m also trying to get into a groove with freelance illustration and design from home – you can see my work on my Esty shop, Dig + Design.

When I’m not at work, I fill my time with traveling, reading, listening to podcasts, binge-watching tv shows, making lists, writing, walking, and wandering.

Adjectives that describe you:
Creative | Traveler | Feminist | Reader | Planner | Minimalist | Nerd

Topics you’re most likely to write about:

  • On being a homebody, a nomad, and a traveler simultaneously.
  • My deep love for making lists.
  • My relationship to STUFF.
  • All things travel-related.
  • Interior design/cultivating a space you love.
  • Building a minimal, ethically made wardrobe.

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