Fresh Starts

There’s something exciting and terrifying about fresh starts. Endless potential awaiting you. Uncertainty. A chance to be whomever or whatever you want.

The start of 2016 brings a new job for me, which I start today. It felt a bit like elementary school, laying out my outfit the night before and packing my lunch (and breakfast). I’m reminded of the day before I started first grade. I was so excited for school that I slept in my clothes underneath my parents’ desk in their bedroom. I’m not sure what about that space brought me comfort, but it did. I felt prepared.

Being prepared is where it’s at. Being prepared is what I live for. And ultimately, being prepared is utterly contrary to life. Life is not about being prepared. It’s not about saving for retirement or having shoes for every occasion. It’s not about avoiding surprises.

So I’m starting this week, and year, with an exercise in letting go of my need to feel prepared. I don’t need to know every programming language to be a developer. I don’t need to perform every posture to be a yoga teacher. I don’t need to be perfect to be.


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