Everyday Objects | Manduka Black Mat Pro

A major element of my minimalism is sustainability. I have always been passionate about the environment, starting young picking up trash at the park with my grandma as we’d sing “Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere.” I have always been a thrifter, strongly believing that reducing and reusing are far overlooked in the three R’s. But it wasn’t until adulthood that I realized cheaply made products need more frequent replacing, which means more purchasing and more decisions.

Enter the Manduka Black Mat Pro. I’d been eyeing a Manduka mat for quite a while, practicing yoga more and more frequently, in a way proving to myself that a new mat was a need, not just something I wanted. And one day, after struggling to grip on to the worn areas by my hands and feet, bits of turquoise leaving with me at the end of practice, I knew it was time.

My mat is:

  • Neutral colored
  • Thick and sticky
  • Durable

I wanted something that would grow with me as my tastes changed, something that would be comfortable on my spine in floor postures,  and something I could grip on to for long holds. Most of all, I wanted something that would last, a decision that I wouldn’t have to make again for a long while.

It’s a pricey mat, which this frugal thrifter did not take lightly. But Manduka’s commitment to minimizing their environmental footprint and lifetime guarantee made the decision an easy one when the time was right.

Whether it takes me seconds, hours, or years to make a decision, confidence in my selection is key. And a year and half later, and I have no regrets.


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