Joie de Vivre | Little Luxuries



This weekend, I indulged in a couple little luxuries: fresh flowers + my favorite rosé wine.

Having flowers in my home is such a simple little thing, but it brings me so much joy. Every time I buy myself flowers, I always wonder why I don’t do it more frequently. I suppose because they aren’t a necessity or a long-term investment, it can be hard for this tight-fisted gal to prioritize them. But every time I look at that bright bouquet, it brightens my mood. And really, that’s worth quite a bit.

Buying wine always feels indulgent. Maybe that’s sad? Maybe it’s disciplined? Either way, when I buy wine or champagne or cocktail supplies, it’s always such a treat! After a looong work week and a TON of decluttering, I enjoyed a peaceful weekend of being a homebody, writing, binging on podcasts, sipping wine, tidying, and basking in the glow of a tiny cluster of Protea + Dusty Miller.


Rosé has had a comeback. Maybe because it’s just so dang pretty. I love how that pink nectar looks sitting just about anywhere. Mulderbosch has become my favorite for casual sipping. It’s in that sweet-spot price range of $10-$15, but it’s a little bit tricky to hunt down. I’ve had luck at a couple of the larger Whole Foods stores, but even my local wine emporium/palace/gallery doesn’t carry it.


It’s kind of wonderful how much these little luxuries made me excited about an otherwise slow and task-y weekend. I don’t believe in indulging every whim, but it does remind me how I can do little things that make me happy everyday. Like taking time to light candles, drinking a quality cup of coffee, leaving my desk to go for a walk, or yes, buying fresh flowers and having a glass of wine.




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