Well-Being | Signature Scent


About a year or so ago, I decided that part of my minimalism would be to have a signature scent. How grown up and Old Hollywood is that? Previously, unfinished bottles of Bath & Body Works or Victoria’s Secret body spray cluttered my cabinet and fell over every time I rummaged for a hair tie. Take me away, Calgon! No more. I decided to pick one, classic, quality perfume and stick with it.

As someone who is intimidated by commitment, this was kind of a big deal. But just because I’m committing to use one scent – and use it up – doesn’t mean that it will be my scent forever. In a year or two, I may move on to another classic scent like gardenia or sandalwood.

FullSizeRender (1)e

I decided that my signature scent would be something classic and warm and of course, French. The very reasonably priced Vanille Eau de Toilette by L’Aromarine fit the billIt comes in two sizes, a 1.6 fl oz to keep at home, and 0.5 fl oz to keep in my bag. I’m down to the dregs in my travel size!

FullSizeRender e

I chose another classic scent for my other body products: lavender. I use Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap in lavender for my body wash. It’s organic, vegan, fair-trade, and the packaging is made of recycled materials, plus it smells amazing and is easy on my dry, sensitive skin. It’s basically everything you could wish for in a soap.

I add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the coconut oil that I use as face and body moisturizer, and pro-tip: on the ends of my hair when it’s wet. And when I buy hand soap or make linen spray, I always opt for lavender.

In the kitchen, I always choose herb-y scents. Currently in my kitchen: Mrs. Meyers Basil hand soap and Red Clover Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner.

I personally like aromas that are found in nature and aren’t too sweet or cloying. Andrew is easily overwhelmed by fragrances. He gets a headache just walking by bath stores in the mall. But there’s something about simple, natural scents that feels less confrontational.

Limiting the number of scents I use cuts down on decision fatigue. And with the wealth of scents available for every single home or body product I buy, it could get overwhelming. Maybe it sounds silly, but I’m the type of person who tends to get hung up on such decisions, but having go-to signature scents goes a long way towards making quick and confident decisions. Plus, I like the idea of having an identifiable (and pleasant) scent for my home and self!

I am so enjoying having a go-to, minimal, signature scent selection: vanilla for perfume, lavender for the body, bath, and bed, and herbaceous products for the kitchen!


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