Cultivate/Curate | Persistent Patterns

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This decluttering manifesto, if you will, encourages one to go through their belongings and only keep items that spark joy.

One of the benefits to going through my belongings has been the ability to notice patterns. Whether it’s acknowledging my habit to buy a certain type of dress that doesn’t fit my style or realizing my absolute adoration for a particular color, these persistent patterns have taught me a lot about myself.

Self-discovery is an essential first step into minimalism. Intentional living is nothing without taking the time to find out who you are, learn about your tastes, and define your priorities.

In terms of objects, my persistent patterns have included a love for the following:

  • Wooden bowls. I eat breakfast from a small one every day.
  • Vintage Life books. I love vintage books in general, but have recently noticed my abundance of Life books.
  • Grey sweaters. I have four grey ones, which is also half of the sweaters I own.
  • Mustard yellow everythings. From the kitchen to the closet, this color has unknowingly inched it’s way into most parts of my life.

My process of sifting through belongings has been long. I started with my clothes last spring, moved through the kitchen in July, books in August, and began sorting papers and miscellaneous things in spurts since then.

I’m not yet done, but am encouraged by my progress and the impact it’s had on my family. At first, I worried a lot about the balance of simplifying my life without forcing my family to make the same changes. I’ve since realized that my boys are naturally more minimalist-minded than me. They encourage me to keep going, and when I catch them decluttering their own areas I can’t help but smile, knowing we’re working together to simplify our home.

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