Catching Up


Since I last posted, a lot has happened. I wrote from a very chaotic time, and well, things are still pretty hectic, but I’m marginally less stressed about the whole thing. Just to catch you up on where my life currently is, and where’s it’s soon to be headed, I’ll give you a bullet list, because, as you may or may not know, I love lists.

  • I went through a busy event season at work. I’m the event planner, graphic designer, and marketer on staff at the nonprofit I work for, so things get pretty nuts.
  • I found out my baby sister, Harper was expecting a baby.
  • Andrew and I decided that he will join the PhD program at Washington State University in the fall, which means a BIG MOVE.
  • I had my first panic attack – at work – and it wasn’t cute.
  • My hubs successfully defended his thesis!
  • I gave notice at my job, and I’m currently nearing my last day.
  • We signed a lease in Pullman, WA for a cute little duplex with corner windows in every room.
  • I started trying to figure out what my life would look like in our new home. I began job searching and soul searching.
  • We decided to turn our move into a road trip. We’ll have 16 days between moving out from our current apartment and moving in to our new space, so a two-week-long road trip seems just the thing! We’re planning to hit at least THREE National Parks.
  • We started getting rid of even more stuff and packing up non-essentials.
  • We repainted walls and pulled down all the art and shelves from the walls. My apartment is now awash in basic beige.
  • I decided to throw all of my energy into building my own brand and becoming a freelance graphic designer + whatever other side hustle it will take to make this thing happen. Becoming location independent has been a long time goal. It’s time to do this thing. Cue more stress.
  • My sister had her baby – a perfect, hairy bundle named Desmond Reed.
  • Andrew drove out to his research site in Colorado for a week.
  • I’ve been boxing up everything I can get my hands on.
  • We’re prepping to drive home to visit our families (especially baby Des!) before the big move.
  • And then boom! In mid-July, we hit the open road. If I don’t get to update before then, you’re welcome to follow our travels on my personal instagram.

The next few weeks will be a giant adventure! I’m excited, and stressed, and sad, and terrified, and impatient. More to come.


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