Essentials | Beach Life

It’s been a bit stressful in this neck of the woods lately, but my family and I are headed to the beach in less than a week. I am excited, relieved, and hoping to make the most of this little respite.

The first summer John and I were dating we took a beach trip together. It was spontaneous and carefree. It was where we decided on our song, “You Are the Woman” by Firefall, after John sleepily sung it to me in the middle of the night.

Since that trip, we’ve started going to the beach as a family each summer. This year we’re staying in Grayton Beach and bringing along our sweet puppy dog, Breezey. We can’t wait to play with her in the ocean, ride bikes along 30a, and take some time to slow down.

Over the years, I’ve honed my beach gear. Here are a few things that I’m bringing along in my beach bag:

  • Cheap Sunglasses
    I have one pair of nice sunglasses, but in lieu of worrying about the lenses getting scratched in the sand or losing them in the ocean, I bring along a cheap pair with me to the beach.
  • Comfortable Coverup
    With my fair skin, a coverup is essential for spending long lengths of time in the sun. Lightweight and light in color, my chambray shirt dress is perfect for keeping the sun off my skin when it needs a break, or for heading straight from the beach to grab lunch or dinner.
  • Classic Beach Towel
    It’s difficult to find beach towels that aren’t covered in cheesey patterns or beachy landscapes. I love simple, striped beach accessories in general, and these towels are no exception. They keep me feeling somewhat put-together, no matter how much sand is stuck to me or how wind-blown my hair is.
  • Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
    This bluetooth speaker was an impromptu purchase before last year’s vacation, and has proven to be my favorite purchase of 2015 (and as someone who’s constantly dealing with buyer’s remorse, that’s saying something). Along with bringing it along to the beach or pool, I use it while entertaining in the backyard and as a portable speaker around the house. Music helps me relax and sets the mood for whatever I’m doing, so listening to my favorite tunes while lounging beachside is a must.

What are some things that you’d rather not live without at the beach?


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