Clean Closet | That One Time I Thrifted the Same Coat Twice

Once upon a time, I thrifted a coat. Thrifted coats are hard to come by. Or rather, ones from this decade are. The selection is always limited. The cute ones always go quickly. But here it was, fatefully there for me one day when I wasn’t looking for a coat to begin with.

As with most purchases, I had doubts. I liked the oversized shape, but could I pull it off? I liked the menswear look, but was it me? I bought it, took it home, and after two weeks of consideration, I returned it.

Some weeks later, the coat made it’s way back to the thrift store rack, and I bought it again. I hadn’t necessarily regretted returning it, but this time I knew. This time I was confident in my decision. And confidence is everything.

I struggle with buyers remorse. A lot. I have returned some of the most trivial and silly things. I return things in a panic at times, fearful that I won’t use an item. And then there’s decision fatigue, and the fatigue that comes with constantly calculating your carbon footprint. Weighing. Down. Decisions. Until you just can’t make them anymore.

Thrifting simplifies the decision making process for me. It removes me a bit from the cycle of consumerism, and reduces my options due to sizing limitations. But thrifting can still result in a lot of unintentional purchases. I used to buy shoes that were a little too small or a little too big. I used to buy dresses that needed hemmed or shirts that were missing a button. And as simple as sewing on a button may be, I’ve learned that unless I absolutely love the shirt I am not going to take the time to do it.

So I stopped. I changed the way I thrift. I changed my criteria, and I often leave the store without buying anything. But if it’s something that brings happiness or confidence, the decision is an easy one.


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