Clean Closet | February 10×10 Begins Next Week!

Last month, the capsule wardrobe and intentional closet world participated in a Winter 10×10. If you’re new to the 10×10 concept, at it’s core it simply means that you select 10 pieces of clothing from your closet (including shoes but excluding accessories), wear only those 10 pieces for 10 days, and create 10 unique outfits. 10 pieces – 10 days – 10 outfits. It’s a concept developed by Lee of Style Bee and popularized by Caroline of Un-Fancy with the goal of curbing seasonal outfit boredom.

As the blog and Instagram posts rolled in filled with amazing 10×10 outfits, Jill and I followed along without participating. We were plenty inspired, but either not organized or not motivated enough to join in just yet. We decided to do our own little Winter 10×10, but in February ,when we’re truly feeling uninspired by our wardrobes, and frankly, longing for warmer days!

Our two-week 10×10 challenge will officially begin next Monday, February 13. We’ve decided to make ours a Monday-Friday challenge, and take a break on the weekend. Next Monday we’ll each share our clothing selections, and we’ll share each outfit on MODEste’s Instagram.

If you’re interested but not sure where to start, Caroline has some great tips on how to quickly select your 10 pieces. You can also explore the #Winter10x10 hashtag for some inspiration.

Wanna join us? Whether this will be your second round this winter, or your first ever 10×10 (like us!), we’d love to see your outfits. Hashtag your photos #MODEste10x10 to join the challenge when you’re ready!


2 thoughts on “Clean Closet | February 10×10 Begins Next Week!

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