Clean Closet | 10×10 Challenge: Bailey’s Pieces

It’s official, our February 10×10 challenge starts today! In this post, I’m sharing the ten pieces I selected and why.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that I sort of accidentally created a winter work wardrobe for myself. I seem to be wearing some version of sweater-over-button-down combo most days, and I’ve worn my Chelsea snow boots almost every day since mid-December. Going into this challenge, I knew I wanted to include pieces that would allow me to create a silhouette that I’ve become comfortable with (because finding what works for me is definitely a goal!), but I also want to push myself to be creative.

For this challenge, I selected:

  • Two bottoms
  • Three tops
  • Two sweaters
  • One cardigan
  • Two pairs of shoes

I’m not including my coat, accessories like scarves or hats, active-wear, or anything that constitutes a layer worn simply for warmth. Currently here in eastern Washington, wearing layers and outwear is simply necessity. Last week was the first time in WEEKS that we’ve been able to see any grass through the snow, and the next two weeks promise to continue this slightly warmer weather. It’s trending in the high 30’s, low 40’s during the day, and it looks like there will be quite a bit of rain in the forecast.

Here’s are are the ten pieces I will be wearing for this challenge: 

One | Black + White Breton Striped Tee

I wanted something that would layer well and bring a little bit of pattern. I actually haven’t worn this tee all season, but now that things have marginally warmed up, I think it’s a good time to bring this top out to play. Similar.

Two | Brown Chelsea Snow Boots

I’ve gotten a LOT of wear out of these this winter, so my Merrell boots are definitely a safe bet. It’s a good sign that I haven’t gotten sick of them yet!

Three | Sienna Skinny Cords

I really love the color of these corduroy skinnies. With mostly black, white, and grey, I wanted to make sure I had some warmth in my selections. Similar.

Four | Beige T-Strap Clogs

These Swedish Hasbeen clogs are one of my favorite pairs of shoes, but I haven’t worn them all winter. Now that I don’t have to worry as much about traction on icy grounds, I’m going to push myself to do something I’ve wanted to try for a while: clogs with socks!

Five | Buffalo Plaid Flannel Button-Down

I knew I was going to select at least one button-down to layer for this challenge, but I ended up choosing this one because I wanted another small pop of pattern. Also, this shirt is flannel, so I wanted to make sure it gets plenty of wear in the coldest months. Lots of similar shirts here.

Six | Grey Cashmere Cardigan 

I was torn between this one and a camel-colored cardi, but ultimately I chose this cardigan because of how warm it is! The other option is made of cotton and will receive wear year round, but cashmere is reserved for the colder months. Similar.

Seven | Cream Cotton Turtleneck Sweater

I chose this sweater to challenge myself just a bit. How do you layer with a chunky turtleneck? I have some ideas, but we’ll see how it works out! Similar.

Eight | Black Skinny Jeans

These jeans are from DSTLD, and they are one of my favorite pairs of jeans I’ve owned!  Black jeans have become a true staple for me; I wear them multiple times a week. They dress up for work (in my office at least) and down for day-to-day outfits.

Nine | Marled Grey Cotton Pullover Sweater

I chose this sweater because it’s really easy to layer with. The u-neck shows off the collar of a button-down or tee, and the front hem is ever-so-slightly shorter, giving the opportunity for an underneath-layer to peek out. Similar.

Ten | Grey Polka-Dot Button-Down

After a lot of deliberation, I decided to pick a second button-down. Because I know what my winter work uniform is, it seemed to make sense to give myself a second option. I like the muted grey and subtle polka-dot pattern with the rest of my picks. Again, lots of similar options here.

While picking my ten pieces, I found myself wishing for items I don’t own. But even if I could invest in some of my dream wardrobe pieces, that’s not the point of this challenge. This will be my first ever 10×10, and I’m excited to see how it goes and what I will learn!

Be sure to check out Jill’s ten pieces.

If you want to follow along, we will be posting our outfits daily on MODEste’s Instagram! If you decide to join us, be sure to use the hashtag #MODEste10x10. Happy 10×10!


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