Clean Closet | 10×10 Challenge: Jill’s Week One Recap

We’re halfway through the #MODEste10x10 challenge! You can read about the pieces I selected in my last post. We’ve been posting our outfits daily on Instagram, but in case you missed it, here’s a recap of what I’ve worn and a few other thoughts about the challenge so far.

I knew coming into this challenge that my mornings would be simplified from having a smaller selection of clothing for the day. With this in mind, I wanted another focus of this challenge to be trying do more with my hair & accessories.

90+% of the time, I wear my hair down without doing much of anything to it. After week one, I think I’m successfully getting out of that rut and using this challenge as a space to experiment with how my hair can change my look.

With assessories, I generally alternate between one scarf, one necklace, and one bracelet. My jewelry collection is small and intentional, but it does include a few more pieces than the three I tend to rotate out during the work week. I didn’t do a great job accessorizing this first week, so I’m going to make a goal to give that a bit more thought throughout the remainder of the challenge.

All in all, I have a simple, no-fuss style that is definitely confirmed in the outfits I’ve put together. Details on the pieces in each outfit are below!

  1. Plaid Button-Down (Similar) | Cardigan (Similar) | Ponte Pants | Oxfords

Day 1 was a rushed, super Monday-esque Monday at the office. I really bombed on accessorizing here, but the fact that I managed to get dressed altogether I’m counting as a win. It’s the little things…

  1. Crew Neck T-shirt | Jean Jacket | Black Skinny Jeans | Slip-Ons

Day 2 was a work-from-home day, which, I must admit, usually means staying in leggings all day. I’m really enjoying that this challenge is forcing me to get dressed on work-from-home days, because it definitely boosts my productivity and focus. My husband always says that having shoes on makes him feel more awake, and I’m starting to really notice the impact that getting dressed has on my work in that way.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

  1. Plaid Button Down (Similar) | Slouchy Sweater (Similar) | Ponte Pants | Oxfords

Day 3 was another day at the office. I feel like I was definitely starting to get more creative with the challenge here (and a little more comfortable with so many photos of me being taken – ignore the clenched fists, please!). While I’ve worn outfits similar to this, I never put together this exact combination.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

  1. Slouchy Sweater (Similar) | Black Skinny Jeans | Slip-Ons

Day 4 I was working from home and needed to run some errands on my lunch break. Keeping it simple and comfortable is a must for days like this where I’ve got lots to do, and time is of the essence.

  1. Crew Neck T-shirt | Jean Jacket | Pencil Skirt | Slip-Ons

Day 5 was casual Friday at the office. I usually wear jeans on Fridays while I can, but I love the skirt/sneaker combination and wanted an opportunity to wear that sometime during the challenge. I also ended up with spontaneous free tickets to see a play Friday night, so being in a skirt made me feel a bit more dressed up for the occasion than my normal casual Friday outfit would have been.

So far, this has been a really great exercise in learning more about my personal style: observing what silhouettes I feel comfortable in, what colors I find flattering on myself, etc. What about you? What has helped you during 10×10 challenges you’ve done?


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