Clean Closet | 10×10 Challenge: Bailey’s Week One Recap


One week of our 10×10 challenge down, one week to go! If you’re following us on Instagram, you’ve seen our daily posts; it’s been really great to document this experiment. If you want a refresher of which ten pieces I selected, you can see those items, here.

Here are my first five outfits and some thoughts about this first week!


Outfit Number One

Cream Turtleneck | Plaid Button-Down | Sienna Cords | Beige T-Strap Clogs

On the first day of the challenge, I decided to try a look I’ve enjoyed for a while, but haven’t been bold enough to try: clogs with socks! I ended up really liking the look, and I received enough encouragement to do this look again.


Outfit Number Two

Breton Striped Tee | Cashmere Cardi | Black Skinny Jeans | Beige T-Strap Clogs

The second day of our 10×10 just so happened to be Valentine’s Day, so I wanted to bring the Frenchy vibe with stripes and some romance with my lacy clogs. This outfit was perfect for my extravagant date-night (ha!) of snuggling on the couch with my husband to watch the Bachelor.


Outfit Number Three

Marled Grey Pullover Sweater | Sienna Cords | Chelsea Snow Boots

Of all the outfits this week, this look was the most “me”. It’s simple and a tiny bit edgy with a little bit of quirk. I generally like to layer a little bit more; all winter I’ve been wearing this sweater with a button-down underneath (partially due to the cold), but this challenge strangely made me pare down and simplify. It’s a nice reminder that sometimes a piece can speak for itself.


Outfit Number Four

Dot Button-Down | Cashmere Cardi | Black Skinny Jeans | Chelsea Snow Boots

This day was so dark and rainy, it made me glad that I selected flannel and cashmere to keep me warm and cozy. My love for cardigans has wavered over the years, but it’s hard to beat the versatility and convenience.


Outfit Number Five

Plaid Button-Down | Black Skinny Jeans | Chelsea Snow Boots | + Wool Hat

This was the last outfit of the week – halfway through our challenge! On this day, I drove up to the “big city” to do a little ultimately unsuccessful, research try-on trip, so I kept my outfit basic for the dressing room. I feel like this simple outfit is just so classic.

So, a few things I learned this week:

  • Limiting my options makes my mornings go more smoothly. I’m currently doing Whole30, and one thing that both challenges have in common is that they take a little extra preparation on the front end, but they end up making my decisions faster and my day-to-day easier.
  • I can do a lot with a little. Restricting my options leads to creativity, and it also makes me feel like I really do need to pare my wardrobe down again. Good basics and a few special pieces are all I really need.
  • Putting a little extra thought into my outfit gives me a confidence boost. I get caught up in the daily grind, and I forget to put on jewelry, get out of my uniform box, or do something different with my hair. Especially knowing that I’ll be sharing a daily outfit photo has made me more conscious of the details, and has consequently made me feel pretty great about how I look!

As we go into the second half of our #MODEste10x10, we will continue sharing our daily outfits on MODEste’s Instagram. So what do you think? Are you feeling inspired? 


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