Clean Closet | 10×10 Challenge: Bailey’s Recap

Our first ever 10×10 is over! Overall, it was a really great experiment, and a cool way to have a low-key capsule experience.

Here are all 10 of my outfits (including the image above) lined up together! It’s pretty cool to see how flexible such a limited number of pieces can be, and it’s even cooler for me to look for trends in my outfits and figure out which silhouettes I enjoyed the most.

This post gives details about my week-two outfits and a recap of my thoughts about the whole two-week challenge. If you want details for my week-one outfits, you can read about them here. If you would like to read about why I chose these 10 pieces, you can read that post here.


Outfit Number Six

Breton Striped Tee | Sienna Cords | Beige T-Strap Clogs | +Scarf

I was off work on this day, and normally I would be tempted to stay in pajamas for way too long, or change into athletic wear, so the 10×10 gave me a nice little push to actually get dressed. I was mostly prepping and batch-cooking for my second week of Whole30, so in truth, the clogs were donned for the photo and then I changed back into wool socks – ha.


Outfit Number Seven

Marled Grey Pullover Sweater | Dot Button-Down | Sienna Cords | Chelsea Snow Boots

As I posted about earlier, this is basically a version of my accidental winter work uniform. It’s a tried-and-true combo of skinnies, snow boots, and sweater-over-button-down. I tried to branch out during this challenge instead of leaning on this look, but like I’ve said before, if you find something that works for you, keep it up!


Outfit Number Eight

Cream Turtleneck | Black Skinny Jeans | Chelsea Snow Boots

With this look, I feel like I would be at home in a French café or in a cozy cabin in some snow-covered woods. It was really effortless, and strangely for me, completely un-layered, but I think this outfit looks chic!


Outfit Number Nine

Cashmere Cardi | Plaid Button-Down | Sienna Cords | Chelsea Snow Boots

In all honesty, I wasn’t feeling it this day. I was feeling over the challenge, and I felt kind of bulky in this outfit. I like it better now, looking at it than I did in the moment, but I was feeling a little tapped out creatively with my options. I think that’s ok, though. The point was to stretch and to create 10 unique outfits, but no one promised that every single outfit would be a home run (or that I would feel great in my body every single day).


Outfit Number Ten

Marled Grey Pullover Sweater | Breton Striped Tee | Black Skinny Jeans Chelsea Snow Boots

Truly, I like every outfit better when I’m wearing a braided crown. It has become my go-to hairstyle that I usually wear at least once a week. But on top of that, this outfit felt the most like ME of all the outfits I created. It’s simple, comfortable, with a bit of understated pattern, and a smidgen of quirk. I was also wearing lipstick on this day, so I probably need to remember to do that more often.

Favorite Outfits from the Challenge:

My favorites – unintentionally – all came from week two. I’m really not sure how that happened. I like my week one outfits, but upon review, I don’t like a couple of them as much as I did at the time, if that makes sense. I think I kind of hit my stride in the second week.


A few takeaways from this experience:

  • I didn’t love every outfit. In fact, there were some outfits that I didn’t feel were indicative of my personal style. Conversely though, this process helped me identify what my favorite silhouettes and pieces are. I discovered which outfits I feel most at home in.
  • This challenge helped me do some ‘mental culling’ ahead of a end-of-season closet purge. When I was selecting my 10 pieces, there were some pieces hanging in my closet that didn’t make the cut. Naturally, some of them were simply not chosen because I could only pick 10 items, but there were definitely a few that I didn’t reach for for a different reason. I realized this piece wasn’t really a style I wanted to wear repeatedly, or that piece didn’t fit quite right, or that one doesn’t play well with other pieces in my wardrobe. Now, when I start clearing out my closet, I will remember which pieces I questioned, and either put them in a temporary limbo box or put them in my to sell/donate pile.
  • When it comes to my wardrobe, it’s important to be realistic about the season. When I picked my 10 pieces, I was so tempted to include a light jacket or lean towards one or two almost spring pieces, but I’m so glad I didn’t indulge that impulse. I did include my clogs, which worked ok when worn with socks, but for most of the two weeks of this challenge, we had (very cold) rain or snow, so there were only a couple of days that I could realistically wear them. I don’t regret it – I used this challenge to make myself finally embrace clogs + socks, but I didn’t get a ton of wear from them. I was glad, however, that I opted for flannel and cashmere, and gave myself lots of room for layering and coziness. That is kind of the weird thing about going through our first round of seasons here; we haven’t known quite what to expect and when. As I write this, we’ve just been covered in a fresh blanket of snow, so at least in my little corner of the country, spring is still a long way away.
  • Participating in a challenge – particularly a public one – has given me the kick in the pants I needed to come out of my winter/hygge stupor. While it’s still too frozen to get out for a hike or even much of a run, these challenges have helped to activate my mind. The 10×10 has got me geared up to do a closet purge and think about my eventual spring wardrobe, and Whole30 has got me focused on health!


Currently I’m only half way through my Whole30 experience (spoiler, I’m LOVING it), but now that we’ve finished our #MODEste10x10, I’m already looking for new challenges to keep me inspired. What are you doing in this season transition time to keep from feeling the winter blues? What’s inspiring you lately?


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