Clean Closet | 10×10 Challenge: Jill’s Recap

Our 10×10 is over! In true-to-Jill form, this recap is coming a week late. Consistent tardiness has to count for something, right? So here it is it! My nine looks (because on Day 8, I needed a day off from life) and some details on the last four are below. You can also check out my previous posts detailing Day 1 – 5 outfits and my 10×10 selections.

With my first 10×10 under my belt, I’m definitely feeling more inspired by my wardrobe and ready to come up with new combinations rather than settling for old-standbys. I also only wore my hair down without doing anything to it three times, which is a major win for me. And I accessorized every day this week! A lot of my jewelry is minimal and dainty – difficult to see in the photos – but it’s there.

  1. Slouchy Sweater (Similar) | Pencil Skirt | Oxfords

I’ve always worn pencil skirts high-waisted with a top tucked in, so I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about a different silhouette. I’m happy to report I love it! I can totally see myself wearing this skirt lower on my belly with a longer top more often, especially with my growing belly.

  1. Plaid Button Down (Similar) | Crew Neck T-shirt | Black Skinny Jeans | Slip-Ons

An open button-down with a tee or tank is a pretty common combination for me.

  1. Slouchy Sweater (Similar) | Jean Jacket | Black Skinny Jeans | Oxfords

Have I properly expressed my love for this jean jacket? Without it this outfit would be pretty plain, but I think it adds just the thing I needed to pull this look together.

  1. Crew Neck T-shirt | Cardigan (Similar) | Ponte Pants | Slip-Ons

Day 10 was a casual Friday, and I also had a few back to back meetings off-site which meant I needed to get around quickly. This may be the simplest of my looks, but still very easy, comfortable, and most importantly me.


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